Innova Nitrogen Bacteria Powder (Azo Bacto) 1kg

Nitrogen Supplement

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    Innova Nitrogen Bacteria Powder (Azo Bacto) 1kg

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    • Nourishes the plant and leaves with copious nutrients.
    • Insulates the tender leaves from the infestation of insects, aphids, etc.
    • Multiplies the production of chlorophyll content.
    • Propagates a higher degree of Photosynthesis.
    • Strengthen the plant vigor and firmness.
    • Reduces transpiration from leaves.
    • Maintains the palpable moisture on the leaves.
    • How To Use?
      • Individual Plants -?Mix 1-2 spoons in soil per pot to be fed directly.
      • Potting Soil -?Add N2 (Nitrogen) to your soil at 100g for every 70 kgs soil mix
      • For best results, use along with PSB (Phosphorous) and KSB (Potash).
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