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Organic Curd 200g


Akshayakalpa organic probiotic curd has a shelf life of 15 DAYS from the date of its manufacture and must always be stored at a temperature of 3-4 degree centigrade. Once opened, it should be shifted to an air tight container and consumed within 48 hours.

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Make mealtimes tastier with Akshayakalpa Organic curd! It is carefully fermented using 100% organic milk that is free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones and chemical residues – ensuring the curd is pure, safe, healthy and full of nutrition. Paying homage to the generations-old methods of preparation of curd at home, a purified and carefully-curated culture of lactic acid bacteria is combined with fresh organic milk, for a bowlful of great tasting curd that is perfectly set. Akshayakalpa Organic curd is fermented naturally, without use of synthetic additives, preservatives or enhancers, so you can enjoy the purity in every spoon.

Lip-smacking delicious and wholesomely satisfying, its health benefits make it a great choice for the conscious consumer. Adding 2 bowls of Akshayakalpa Organic curd to your everyday diet provides your body with its daily dose of high-quality protein and essential nutrients that promote better heart health, immunity, stronger bones and younger looking skin.




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Organic Curd 200g