Beco Ecofriendly – Tissue Roll/ Toilet Tissue Paper (3 Ply) ( 220 Pulls Per Roll )

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  • ­čî┐ECO-FRIENDLY: Our rolls are made from 100% organic bamboo, which is a fast growing grass giving a sustainable, natural alternative to traditional tree based toilet paper rolls. Unlike trees which can take up to 30 years to grow, bamboo grows back in as quickly as 3 to 4 months.
  • ­čî┐CHEMICAL-FREE: Our bamboo toilet rolls are Paraben-free, BPA free, chlorine free and hypoallergenic causing no skin rashes. They are made of pure bamboo and are light brown in colour as it is not bleached.
  • ­čî┐SUITABLE FOR ALL DISPOSAL SYSTEMS: The toilet rolls are suitable any and all drainage systems as they are highly absorbent and biodegradable in nature.
  • ­čî┐BIODEGRADABLE: Beco toilet rolls are environmental-friendly and compostable in nature. They biodegrade in the soil within 2-6 months and have no toxic elements.
  • ­čî┐DETAILS: 220 pulls per roll, 3 Ply Premium Quality
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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
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