Rythumitra’s Enriched Potting Mix Soil For Plants (21 Ingredients Added)

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  • 100% Organic And Chemical-Free
  • Porous & Ready-To-Use Garden Soil
  • Contains Micro And Macro Nutrients (Read Description)
  • Has Good Water Holding Capacity
  • Anti-Fungal Property Due To Addition Of Trichoderma Viridie & Pseudomonas
  • Contains Microbes That Enrich Fertility Of Soil
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Rythumitra’s Potting Mix is as star-studded as it gets. Over the course of 6-years, our Potting Mix has retained its charm and benefited thousands of gardeners. Vigorous experimentation and Research & Development went into making our Potting Mix the best there is in the market. Here’s how..

What Does Rythumitra’s Potting Mix Contain?

Our tried & tested formula is as follows:

  • Vermicompost, Cocopeat & Red Soil are first added in 1:1:1 ratio.
  • For every 25 kgs of Vermicompost added, 1 kg Neem Cake Powder, 1 kg Mustard Cake Powder, 1/4 Trichoderma Viridie, 1/4 Pseudomonas are added to the mix.
  • Aloe vera Juice, 5 kgs of Ghanajevamrutham, 2 kgs of Bone Meal, 2 kgs of Epsom Salt are added to this mixture.
  • NPK supplements, like Custard Apple Cake, Coconut Cake, Castor Cake, Pongamia Cake, Groundnut Cake, Sesame Cake, etc are added after soaking in water for at least 5 days.
  • Finally, Wood Ash is added to this mixture.
  • Voila! Ready-To-Use Potting Mix is ‘ready’…

Why prefer Rythumitra’s Potting Soil Mix over others?
For the reasons enumerated above, Rythumitra’s Potting Mix is the best there is in the market. Rythumitra’s Expert Team is always on the lookout to fine-tune our Potting Soil Mix, giving it an edge over others.

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