Goloka Nature’s Jasmine Incense 15 g


  • Decorate the house with personally selected divine fragrances
  • Combination of herbs and resin, flowers and honey and fragrant oils
  • Perfect for marking an event or creating a divine or fresh aura
  • A great alternative to fragrance oils or candles
  • Produces wonderfully fragrant aromas
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    Goloka natural jasmine smoker a combination of herbs and resin, flowers and honey as well as fragrant oils results in wonderfully fragrant goloka aromas. A single incense stick has an average burn time of 30-40 minutes. Jasmine is a distinctive fragrance known for its soothing effect because it conveys forgotten and optimism. A blend of natural ingredients has been the basis for spicy, fresh, floral, wooden, powdery or sweet fragrances as almost transcendental odours. Decorate your house now with personally selected divine fragrances. Perfect for morning rituals to mark an event or create a divine or fresh aura.

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    Weight25 g
    Dimensions23 × 5 × 1 cm