Innova Photocon (Seaweed+Humic+Amino+Fulvic+Hormone liquid extract) Fertilizer For All Plants


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  • Naturally occurring algae extract liquid along with Humic Acid, Seaweed, Fulvic, Hormone, and amino acid.
  • It promotes plant growth by giving required nutrients.
  • Photocon helps in getting more tillers/branches and developing a root system.
  • How To Use?
    • Mix 3-5 ml per 1ltr water & spray on all plants
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    Rythumitra Farms Fertilizer Mode of Application

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    INNOVAA AGRO LABORATORY, we are committed to provide eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for our farmers and end users. We understand the importance of using our products that are harmonious with nature. With the current threat of global warming and climate change, infertility of soil, we need to find innovative ways to do things that are effective but do not cause any harm to the environment. Apart from agriculture our company operates in various segments to treat biologically such as water treatment, industrial affluent treatment, pest control, solid waste management, Aquaculture and poultry probiotics, etc. The company aims to eradicate unnecessary chemical usage and replace them with natural and organic/biological based products.
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