Innova Potassium Bacteria Fertilizer for Flowering & Fruiting Plants (KSB Bacto) 1kg


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  • It supplies P and K at crop growth stages, when Nitrogen is not required
  • It effects rapid growth in all crops & encourages blooming and root growth
  • It is important in fruit formation, improves quality of seeds and fruit
  • This product is virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful material for crop
  • Strengthen roots & Water-soluble helps the plant set buds and flowers
  • How To Use?
    • Individual Plants -?Mix 1-2 spoons in soil per pot to be fed directly.
    • Potting Soil -?Add N2 (Nitrogen) to your soil at 100g for every 70 kgs soil mix
    • For best results, use along with PSB (Phosphorous) and Azo (Nitrogen).
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Innova Agro Labs

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    Weight1020 g
    Dimensions20 × 20 × 3 cm


    Innovaa Agro Laboratory

    INNOVAA AGRO LABORATORY, we are committed to provide eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for our farmers and end users. We understand the importance of using our products that are harmonious with nature. With the current threat of global warming and climate change, infertility of soil, we need to find innovative ways to do things that are effective but do not cause any harm to the environment. Apart from agriculture our company operates in various segments to treat biologically such as water treatment, industrial affluent treatment, pest control, solid waste management, Aquaculture and poultry probiotics, etc. The company aims to eradicate unnecessary chemical usage and replace them with natural and organic/biological based products.
    Innova Agro Labs

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