Rythumitra’s Khandsari Sugar (Pattikabellam Podi) 1kg


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  • Called “Yogic Sugar” because of its Ayurvedic properties
  • Known to balance Tridosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha)?in our body
  • Known as “Patika Bellam Podi” in Telugu
  • Go Ahead and Buy It –> It is miles better than refined sugar!
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    Did you know that Khandsari Sugar was first created in the Indian subcontinent almost 2000 years ago? It is also referred to as the “mother of raw sugars”.

    What makes it so special is how it is prepared. It is physically extracted from liquid jaggery. There is no bleaching done,or usage of any agents to? facilitate refining.

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    Weight1000 g


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