Moss Sticks for Indoor & Outdoor Plants 2ft

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  • Highly Porous in nature & acts as an alternative source of water
  • Also helps in keeping the roots moist for a long duration.
  • Feed 1 tbsp GrowMore for all plants once every 30 days..
  • Read How To Use section below
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Retain Moisture

Strenthen the Plant


Being friendly to the environment is a great virtue. Non –toxic and Non-Polluting, Rythumitra uses 100% natural coir


The distinctively durable poles lead to faster growth of plants and branch roots.

Strengthen Plant

Plants need support to grow and flourish. Here, moss sticks play a vital role. They help in the faster growth of plants with branch roots.

Alternative Source of Water

Highly porous in nature, they act as an alternative source of water. Also helps in keeping the roots moist for a long duration.

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Dimensions5 × 5 × 67 cm
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How To Use

  • Post purchasing the moss stick, start soaking it in water till it’s fully saturated.
  • The moisture content will help the plant to tie up to the stick.
  • Towards the centre of the soil, insert the stick base as close to the centre of the plant carefully.
  • Take precautions not to damage the key root of the plate while placing a moss stick.

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