Nature Land Pasta Macaroni 250g


Natureland Organics Pasta Macaroni is a tasty energetic snack that is low in calories and high in carbs. This Italian Pasta is rich in Protein and glucose, making it a perfect Pre-Workout Meal. Adding to its benefits, our Organic Pasta Macaroni is free from Cholesterol and bad fats.

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NatureLand Organics at Rythumitra Farms

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    Weight300 g
    Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm


    Nature Land Organics

    About Us

    NatureLand Organics was founded for creating an effective and efficient bridge between the marginal farmers and buyers across the world who seek high-quality organic produce. Our aim is to excel through quality, consistency and constant innovation. By forecasting the customer needs, demands and investing in the best possible infrastructure there is a demand and supply gap filled. We serve good food to everyone and our economical organic grocery items ensure health and well being.

    Our Mission at NatureLand Organics is to –

    Serving quality products while maintaining adherence to stringent quality practices. Enriching of the soil for future generations and promoting sustainable livelihood for small and marginal farmers.

    NatureLand Organics at Rythumitra Farms

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