Pure & Sure Organic Peri Peri Chakli


  • 100% ORGANIC SNACKS: Pure & Sure brings you a nutritious range of healthy namkeen ready to eat snacks made from natural ingredients sourced from certified organic farms in India. Our range of organic namkeen have an unmatched level of deliciousness owing to their rich taste.
  • HEALTHY SNACKS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS : Organic chakli is one of the healthiest chakli snacks a perfect alternative to packed junk snack foods. Rich in fiber and low in calories this crunchy peri peri flavored namkeen is just the kind of nutrition your kids need to satisfy all their food cravings.
  • TASTY NAMKEEN MIX: Organic chakli is a healthy snack ideal for fitness enthusiasts and people on a diet. Loved by kids and adults alike our vegetarian, Peri Peri Flavoured chakli mix is cholesterol free, rich in fibre and doesn’t contain any trans fats.
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS : Peri Peri Chakli is made from a nutritious range of Organic and natural ingredients sourced from certified organic farms in India. This lip smacking vegetarian snack is made from Organic Rice Flour, Urad Dal, White Sesame, Peri Peri, Cold-pressed Sun Flower Oil, Butter and Salt.
  • ABOUT ORGANIC PERI PERI CHAKLI : Chakli or Chakri is an Indian Snack famous for its mouth watering flavor and crunchy texture. This namkeen or farsan is highly enjoyed with a hot cup of tea. Already loved chakli is now infused with delicious ingredients i.e. with Peri-Peri, making it one of the Tangy & Sizzling combination
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    At Phalada Pure & Sure, we ensure 100% certified organic food products. We have successfully implemented end-to-end solutions for organic agriculture and made sustainable ethical farming a constant practice for the past 20 years. Our products are directly sourced from farmers and processed under stringent quality measures. Every single one of our 150+ products gives you an authentic organic experience.






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