Rythumitra’s Panchagavya All-Purpose Liquid Fertilizer

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  • Rythumitra’s Panchagavya is made of desi Cow Urine, desi Cow Dung, Ghee, Milk, Curd, Ash-Gourd, Jaggery, Banana and Tender Coconut
  • It is known to enhance yield of plant, improve pest tolerance and increase microorganisms in soil.
  • Used as a Foliar Spray for Flower plants, Tomatoes, Brinjal and Capsicum (read Description below). Can be applied to root zone for other plants.
  • Rythumitra’s Panchagavya remains fresh and ready to use within 9 months from date of purchase.
  • Best when used along with Ghanajeevamrutham and Bio Fertilizer (Apply them once every 10 days alternatively)
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What Is Panchagavya Fertilizer?

  • Rythumitra’s Panchagavya Fertilizer is an organic growth stimulant made from natural ingredients to promote plant growth and safeguard soil microorganisms.
  • It preserves reproductive and regenerative capacity of the soil, good plant nutrition and soil management, provides nutritious food rich in vitality and resistant to pest.
  • Plants sprayed with Panchagavya invariably produce bigger leaves and develop denser canopy. Plant photosynthetic system is activated for enhanced biological efficiency, enabling synthesis of maximum metabolites and photosynthates.


Rythumitra's Panchagavya Liquid Fertiliser for Plant Growth and Seed Treatment


Instructions To Use Rythumitra’s Panchagavya Liquid Fertilizer:

  • For Flower Plants, Tomatoes, Brinjal & Capsicum
    Dilute Panchagavya in 1:30 ratio with water (30-40 ml in 1 ltr water) and foliar spray on all plants.
  • For All Other Plants
    Dilute Panchagavya in 1:30 ratio with water and apply directly to soil. Make sure to provide less water to plants one day before its application.


    Rythumitra’s Panchagavya, when used along with Ghanajeevamrutham and Bio Fertilizer has increased yield tremendously (double in few cases) and provided much-needed nutrition to plants. These three fertilizers, as a combo need to be given to plants alternatively for every 10 days.

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