Spodoptera Litura Pheromone Trap Lure


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  • Install Pheromone Traps from 15 days crop stage of?Chillies, Tomatoes, Beans, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Okra, Peas..
  • Change lures every 45 days for best results and clean pheromone traps and remove collected insects every week
  • Easy to handle, more durable, economical and highly effective trap for Spodoptera Litura..
  • Leaf Mining damage causes death of leaves, malformation of stems, and damage to fruits which lead to fungal infections.
  • Directions to install
    • Use Gloves to keep lure inside trap
    • Tie the Pheromone Trap just above the plant canopy?
    • Change lure every 45 days..
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    • Spodoptera litura ? It?s a polyphagous pest, and one of the most serious pests of field and vegetable crops throughout the world.
    • Because of its broad host range (more than 120 species of host plants), this insect is also known as cluster caterpillar, common cutworm, cotton leaf worm, tobacco cutworm, tobacco caterpillar, and tropical armyworm.
    • Serious pest of Cotton, Chillies, Tomato, Beans, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Red gram, Black gram, green gram, Pea, Tobacco, groundnut, Caster, Sunflower, mung bean, onion, Sorghum, Soybean and other crops.

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