Tobacco Dust Powder For Pest Control 200g


  • Tobacco is a great insect repellent for the kitchen garden.
  • Excellent pest prevention method for Aphids, Borers, Centipedes, Leaf Rollers, Gophers and Spiders
  • How To Use?
    • Dusting:
      • Take about 50g of Tobacco Powder in an old cotton cloth and tie the loose ends.
      • Dust around pest infested regions of the plant directly (Effective against Mealybugs, Aphids, Spiders)
    • Spraying:
      • Mix 30g Tobacco Powder in 1ltr water and keep it still overnight.
      • You can also include 20g Garlic (paste) in this mix.
      • Spray affected regions thoroughly for best results.
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    Our ancestors from the Indian subcontinent used Tobacco Powder & Wood Ash for pest control during early agricultural revolution. It is still widely popular and deployed against all sap-sucking pests.

    Tobacco dust is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium.. It increases the pH of the soil, maintain the electrical conductivity (EC) that does not leads to the salinity in the soil. Further it also increases the nitrogen (N) content in various vegetable & house-plants..

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